Érdekesség: Az amerikai Szibériai Husky Klub állásfoglalása
Az amerikai Szibériai Husky Klub megjelentetett egy állásfoglalást a szibériai husky nyírásáról az AKC bírók tavaly őszi hírlevelében. A klub szeretné emlékeztetni a bírókat, hogy a standard szerint szigorúan büntetni kell a szőrzet trimmelését (a mancs és a bajusz kivételével), hogy a fajta megőrizhesse természetes szépségét.

Trimming of the

Siberian Husky

The Board of Directors of the
Siberian Husky Club of America
wishes to remind all judges of Siberian Huskies of the section in the standard pertaining to coat. It is with increasing concern that we request your particular attention to the following quote:
"Trimming of the whiskers and fur between the toes and around the feet to present a neater appearance is permissible. Trimming of the fur on any other part of the dog is not to be condoned and should be severely penalized."
It should always be remembered that the Siberian Husky, a very social, active, and NATURAL breed, is one of the easiest to groom and prepare for the show ring. A current tendency to over-chalk and alter the coat by scissoring or stripping has become a prevalent practice in all areas of the country. The natural outline of the Siberian is one of great beauty.
We grant there are other levels of responsibility in the trimming of the Siberian. Due to the expertise of exhibitors whose skill in sculpting is permitted in many other breeds, it is not always easy to detect. But we urge you to give this serious consideration before making your final selections. The NATURAL beauty of the Siberian should be protected as intended by the charter members of the Siberian Husky Club of America. In the conformation ring, it is the sole responsibility of the judge to select those Siberians that best meet the Standard of the breed.
– Phyllis Brayton SHCA Education Chair